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plugin_xmlObject Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($oObject)
 setEncoding ($sEncoding)
 setRootName ($sRootName)
 setListColumn ($tColumn)
 show ()
 build ()

Detailed Description

plugin_xmlListObject classe pour generer le xml d'un objet


Definition at line 23 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

__construct (   $oObject)

constructeur public

object$oObjectobjet en edition

Definition at line 37 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

Member Function Documentation

build ( )

retourne le xml genere public

string le xml genere

Definition at line 85 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

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setEncoding (   $sEncoding)

definit l'encodage public

string$sEncodingbalise encoding de l'xml

Definition at line 49 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

setListColumn (   $tColumn)

definit les colonnes a construire public

array$tColumntableau des colonnes a afficher

Definition at line 65 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

setRootName (   $sRootName)

definit le nom de la balise racine public

string$sRootNamenom de la balise

Definition at line 57 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

show ( )

affiche le xml a l'ecran public

Definition at line 72 of file plugin_xmlObject.php.

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